Safe Deposit Lockers

1.    Introduction

Section 6 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (As Applicable to Co-operative Societies) permits, interlia, clients. By extending Safe Deposit Locker facility to members of the public, the bank can enhance its prestige and build up its image thereby attracting more customers.

2.    Who Can Apply

The customer of the bank may apply for Safe Deposit Locker.

3.    KYC Norms

The KYC norms for identification of account holder is applicable for locker also.


4.  The Procedure of Application

The customer should apply for safe deposit locker as per Form prescribed customer should apply for safe deposit locker as per Form prescribed by the bank.

5.  Allotment of Locker

Subject availability of the locker may be allotted to a customer on the basis of application seniority. The Priority must be given to customer already maintaining accounts with our bank with steady balance of deposit in different deposit A.Cs.

6.  Hire Charges:

The rent for the locker should be collected in advance on yearly rent basis. Year to be counted from 1st April to 31st March following. For the purpose of collecting rent smoothly. The rent may be collected on half yearly basis. Hire charges: as rate notified time to time (See Service Charge Circular). Example: Half year period shall be counted only for October to March ending. If any locker holder derive to take locker on May by paying Rs. 90/- his period of locker rent will be consider only upto March following. Again if any customer desire to open locker after September then he has to Pay Rs.45/- as locker rent for period upto March following. To pay Rs.45/- as locker rent for period upto March following.

7.  Documentation:

a) Memorandum of letting of safe to be executed.

b) Specimen signature Card.

c) Authority letter for deduction of locker rent.

Memorandum of lettering are to be executed ;on Rs.20/- non judicial stamp.

8.  Passbook:

At the time of opening of locker one pass book to be given to the locker holder. The passbook will also serve the purpose of identity Card of the locker holder.

9.  Hire Key:

Key of the locker to be kept in safe custody of the custodian. At the time of handling over the keys to the locker holder proper care should be taken so that the actual key with reference to the locker number be handed be over to the locker holder. The locker holder must acknowledge the receipt of the key. The key to be supplied to the hirer should not have any duplicate and be should not open a locker other than the one for which the key is provided. The locker number should not be indicated on the keys..

10.  Nomination:

If the locker is not opened in joint A/C attempt should be made that nomination of the locker is made.

11.  Surrender of Locker:

On surrender of locker, the surrender certificate provided in the rent deed memorandum should be signed by the lessee and his/her specimen signature should be obtained on the specimen signature card for the purpose of surrender of locker.

12.  Death of Locker Holder:

In the case of death of a sole hirer or in the case of death of the last surviving hirer, person claiming the contents of the locker should obtain from a court of Law. The letter of administration from the court may served this purpose.

13.  Minor:

A minor aged 14 and above may hire, the bank’s locker jointly with his/her natural guardian. Only in the absence of the further (natural guardian) the mother may be accepted as a guardian.

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